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Luna's treasures

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Dummy Clip - MilkmaidMumma

Luna's Treasures 

Luna's Treasures dummy clips are beautifully handmade, meet Australian safety standards and are independently tested to ensure they are safe for your baby.

MilkmaidMumma is so excited to be a stockist of these beautiful soother clips and they pair perfectly with the Natural rubber soothers also available on our website!

Handmade in Australia

Safety first

Luna's treasures put the safety of your baby first.

Only european made premium quality materials have been used. They are non toxic, rust proof and nickel free as well as sweat -, saliva and tear resistant and compliant with the safety standards.
A sample of each finished product subject to mandatory standards has also been assessed and passed all aspects of mechanical safety testing in an independent laboratory.

Some general information:
The ACCC in Australia has put a ban in place for any soother chain / holder that is deemed unsafe and therefore requires all soother chains regardless of materials used to be compliant to the european safety standard for soother holders DIN EN 12586 (2007) : A1 (2011).
This means that all materials used for construction must be certified and compliant to that particular standard in regards to chemical properties, tensile strength, impact resistance and mechanical properties. All clips & threads, any colour/shape/size of beads, all fabrics etc must be tested to the properties described in the standard (including DIN EN 71). Furthermore the finished product as well as retail presentation must comply in FULL to be able to be sold commercially.

Please follow all instructions provided on your product packaging and familiarise yourself with wear and tear accelerators and try to avoid them as much as possible to extend cosmetic appearance.

All products are cosmetically delicate items and require uttermost care despite being mechanically hard wearing and durable. 

None of Luna's Treasures handmade items are suitable for teething purposes. Soother chains are only to be attached to baby's clothing in a secure position (baby's chest). DO NOT attach the clip to any bibs, loose items of clothing (e.g. Collars, open jackets etc.) or loose swaddles as this opposes a strangulation risk. Do not attach any toys or teethers to your chain. Do not use while baby is sleeping. 

Please read all safety Information on your packaging.

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