Bamboo Onesie - MilkBarn


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Made with 100% Rayon from Bamboo.
Snap leg closure.
Available in 3-6M, 6-12M and 12-18M

Need a matching Top Knot? -

There’s a place where lions roam freely. Birds sing beautifully in the canopy of trees where giraffes graze. And butterflies always seem to land gently on your fingertip. That place is your child’s imagination and its where we find the inspiration for Milkbarn kids.

Because MilkBarn believe children’s products should be as fresh and imaginative as the world they live in. Well- designed and well-made, not manufactured and mass marketed.

Care. Curiosity. Creativity. And love.

All the things we want to pass on to our children. That’s what we bring to each and every Milkbarn treasure.

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