Eco Kitchen Pack - Little Bumble Bees wax wraps


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The Eco-Kitchen 4 Bundle offers 4 wraps:

  • 2 minis (15x15cm)
  • 1 small (20x20cm)
  • 1 large (35x35cm)

Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen from those little bits and bobs to larger fruit & vegetables.

Mini 15x15cm Used for: End of zucchini, cucumber, carrot, tomato or sweet potato, jars or bottles, nuts, sultanas, small dip bowls etc.

Small 25x25cm Used for: Muffins, biscuits, small cheese blocks, bowls, dinner rolls, fennel, eggplant, cantaloupe, asparagus etc.

Large 35x35cm Used for: Large bread rolls, 1kg block of cheese, pouch for beans or spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, dinner plates etc.

Patterns will be selected at random 

Little Bumble™ believe EVERYONE can make a difference...

  • To the growing problem of PLASTIC POLLUTION
  • To the reduction in FOOD WASTAGE
  • To providing a HEALTHIER alternative to yourself and your loved ones.
  • To freeing up your precious TIME and hard earned MONEY by keeping your food fresher for longer.

Make the change TODAY and join us in making a difference one wrap at a time.

Purchasing an eco kitchen pack is a simple way to being your food wrap collections and an affordable way to test out our wraps! It's also the perfect gift that's meaningful and lovingly handmade in Gippsland, Australia.

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