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Enchanted Woodland - Nursing pads

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Enchanted Woodland

The little fawn dances in the woodland amongst the autumn leaves, frolicking with her friends and searching for fairies amongst the toadstools.  Her Mummy watches from a distance enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet, she is never truly relaxed though, always mindful of that cheeky little hedgehog who packs a spikey surprise.

Exclusive to Milkmaid Mumma, this print has been proudly designed in collaboration with Australian Fabric Designer Ellie Whittaker.

Throughout your breastfeeding journey breasts can leak milk in between feeds and during the night. Our nursing pads provide comfort and protection during this time. 

Our reusable nursing pads are made from three layers of quality fabrics with a white soft bamboo terry layer that goes against the skin. Bamboo gets softer with each wash and acts to wick moisture, is breathable and has antibacterial properties to help reduce the risk of infections such as mastitis. The middle layer of Microfibre absorbs your milk and the outer patterned layer of PUL fabric has a waterproof backing to protect you from leaking through. 

All our pads are machine washable and measure 11cm in diameter to fit most sizes. We recommend changing your nursing pads frequently to keep your skin healthy and dry.