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Wide silicone reusable straws

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Straws by Alyce Alexandra

Pack includes 5 coloured straws + 1 specially designed cleaning brush

Why we ♥ them: 

We love drinking from straws, but hate the environmental impact of single use objects, especially when they are made of plastic! Enter silicone straws – made from 100% food grade silicone, these flexible straws will last you a lifetime without polluting the environment and while protecting your teeth. Perfect for kids and adults! Extra wide straws perfect for all drinks, including thickshakes and smoothies.

bragging rights:
100% food grade silicone – BPA free, plastic free, no nasties leaching into your drinks
• Save the environment by reusing rather than disposing
• 5 different colours so everyone in the family gets their own easily identified (multi pack only)
• Flexible, can be chewed, perfect for kids and safe on teeth
• Unbreakable, can handle lunch boxes, handbags, playgrounds etc
• Handles extreme temperatures
• Extra wide straws, perfect for thick drinks like slushies and green smoothies
• Drinking from a straw protects teeth from acidic drinks such as fruit juice, lemon juice and vinegar
• Angled straw for drinking convenience
• Naturally non-stick for life – no non-stick coating needed that could potentially flake into your drinks
• Super easy clean – non-stick and stain resistant, dishwasher safe 
• Each pack includes specially designed cleaning brush
• 21.5cm (23.5 cm when stretched out) 

care information:
Dishwasher safe
• Includes specially designed cleaning brush

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